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Apex Software Consulting has been developing and maintaining our website and e-commerce for over 4yrs now. They are outstanding at keeping our site current plus developing our e-commerce to take us into the next chapter of online sales.

All their efforts showed through when during the 2020 Pandemic we were already set for continuing business with our online presence. Preet and his team are dedicated at helping their clients move forward with ease. Would highly recommend them at any time. Thank-you Preet and Team Apex.

Cheryl Tsuyuki

Executive Manager
(G&G Electronics)
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We are a dedicated eCommerce product and software services Canadian company. e-Commerce is complicated Apex makes it easy. Our team develops effective e-commerce strategies for retail stores.


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We design and develop custom eCommerce websites with complete product database that help you succeed online and improve your retail store's bottom line.

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How we help your business?

There's a lot happening in the direct-to-consumer space right now, and it's not going away anytime soon.

We believe just like one size doesn't fit all, one solution does work for everyone. Each company has a unique way of running their business based on their target market. We deliver eCommerce and inbound marketing solutions based on those unique needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to help you know mmore about our products and services

We have our own custom retail platform with CMS, due to security reasons we don't prefer to use an open-source.

The products are added manually, using scripts and assign them the filters using Manufacturer's data.

The credit card information is not captured or stored. We use the payment gateway APIs to complete the process.

Apex platform has the capability to let users created custom landing pages and promote exclusive deals.

You'll get access to the dashboard with KPIs. Our goal is to make it easy for your customer browse the website.