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We create websites with shopping carts that provide complete product catalogues, uniquely designed for each individual client. Our shopping carts are user-friendly and create an amazing online shopping experience for your customers. Got a special design in mind for your eCommerce Website? With an online store package from Apex you can have you very own personalized design that will make your online store stand out from the crowd. Best of all it will work on any device – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile. The Premium eCommerce Platform for Selling Online:

  • Retail Focussed – Special Features for Electronics, Appliances and Furniture stores.
  • Multi locations – Perfect for stores with multiple locations
  • Digital flyers – Personlaized and dynamic experience
  • Delivery tracking – Customers can track orders
  • Product catalogues – Always up to date product catalogues.
  • Apex Track – Stay ahead of changing customer buying patterns
  • User experience – Show more options for a product on same page.

Our differentiators

Product Database

Apex uses an individual database for each client with the product catalogue. This helps in promoting the products present in Inventory.You can simply offer any number of variants for a single product to reflect different sizes, materials, colors and more.

Digital Flyer

Apex takes your traditional flyer media and seamlessly transforms it into a clean and effective digital experience. Apex works with your distribution schedule. Our dedicated team is ready to take your flyers to the next level. We use innovative technologies for a customized message.

Clearance Section

eCommerce doesn’t have to be confusing. There’s a science to doing digital right and Apex has figured it out. If you want more shoppers in your door, you need to show them the deals. Multiple clearance sections according to locations is the perfect example.

Apex Delivery Tracking

Apex Delivery Tracking is the easy and smart way for retail store owners to manage their local delivery operation. Automatically send branded tracking and alerts to your drivers and customers. Capture digital signatures, photos and notes and store them in one central place.

Intelligent Search

Intelligent search seeks to provide users with more relevant and in-depth responses to search queries. Our goal is to get a customer to the information they are looking for in fewer clicks, while also increasing the relevancy of what they see when searching.

Unique Product Reviews

Reviews have become a key part of the consumer path to purchase. Increase Conversion with Ratings and Reviews. Generate more unique reviews and leverage the benefit of search engine rankings with unique content. Businesses that add reviews can expect a boost in revenue.

why retailers choose us?

Outstanding Service

What is the Apex Advantage? Just ask our customers. All our customers receive courtesy and respect. Providing good customer service is integral to Apex Software.

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Consumer Insights

Apex provides transparent connections between retailers and customers through a combination of innovative technology and data-driven insights with Apextrack.

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Your mission control

Selling your products with digital flyer and clearance sections make it simple. With Apex’s ecommerce software, you get one unified platform with all retail tools to run your business with ease.

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strategy development

Product Catalogue


Apex provides user-friendly product catalogue with high definition images and feature comparison abilities.


Apex e-commerce platform has complete catalogue with product database of all the leading brands in consumer electronics.


With product catalogue from all leading furniture brands, we work closely with all levels of your team and the furniture industry.

Take control

It’s your website, and we believe you should have the power to manage it with us. We provide you training to use it efficiently.

Apex Software

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